How to build RTEMS + Networking on Solaris

Andrew Bythell abythell at
Mon Feb 7 17:29:40 UTC 2000

Anyone who has tried to build RTEMS on Solaris probably knows about the
'wildcard' problem. (see mailing list)  I made the wildcard change and
everything seemed O.K. until I tried to use libnetworking.  The library
was only 8 bytes (instead of 5Mb like on my linux box), and compiling
the netdemo application returned many unresolved symbols.  

The problem lies with ./c/src/lib/libnetworking/wrapup/, line

     OBJS=$(foreach piece, $(NET_PIECES), ../$(piece)/$(ARCH)/*.o)

It doesn't actually build a list of objects; The following replacement

     OBJS=$(foreach piece, $(NET_PIECES), $(shell

To summarize the mailing list articles and the above information, here's
what needs to be done to build RTEMS on Solaris.  

1. upgrade make, install, makeinfo and patch to GNU versions - the
solaris ones don't work
2. in the rtems source, search every and replace "wildcard"
with "shell ls -1"
3. make the above change to ./c/src/lib/libnetworking/wrapup/ 

If I was more apt with diff and patch, I'd make a patch file, but I'm
not - sorry.

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