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Mon Feb 7 16:14:02 UTC 2000

I saw this on comp.realtime and thought somebody might be able to help this
person.  Note, don't respond to me -- I'm just passing on the message.
Either use the email address at the bottom of his message or use
<cyliax at> (this was the reply-to address of the message)

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I'm putting together a small series on RTEMS (Real-Time Executive for
{Missile,Military,Muliprocessor} Systems) for my column in Circuit
Cellar Magazine. This would be a tutorial sort of thing about how to
download/install/build and develop/debug a small app. for it.

I was looking for some links to some interesting/cool projects that are
based on RTEMS that I could mention in my articles. I'd also be 
interested in hearing from people that are using RTEMS in their classes
or labs and their experiences ? Thanks.

See ya, -ingo

/* Ingo Cyliax, cyliax at */

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