GCJ: undefined reference

Bryce McKinlay bryce at albatross.co.nz
Wed Feb 9 11:09:47 UTC 2000

Oscar Martinez de la Torre wrote:

>         Also it complained about libgcj.specs, so:
> touch /opt/rtems/sparc-rtems/lib/libgcj.spec
>         Must I compile and install libgcj library?
>         Or is it yet in a RPMs?

You must install libgcj, which is not yet included in the gcc distribution.
Using class libraries from kaffe will not work. If a libgcj RPM was not
provided with the RTEMS gcc rpms you are using, you will have to build (and
port?) libgcj yourself. See http://sourceware.cygnus.com/java/ for more


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