Startup code in MPC

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Mon Feb 21 18:15:52 UTC 2000

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> Hello all,
> 	I shall be very thankful for the clarification of the question:
> 	How CPU is supposed to arrive to the "start" label in 
> start.S file after it
> processes code in vectors.S file at address 0x100 (reset vector)?
> 	I wasn't able to trace this for powerpc cpu, but it 
> seems to me that
> the same situation is with several other cpu's too.
>   	Thanks.
> Leon Pollak
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I only really looked at the eth-comm bsp, and that was a while ago, but it
was my impression that the software was loaded by a monitor (quite a lot of
important chip setup was ommitted IIRC) and so the reset vector probably
wasn't used.  Certainly, the code there didn't make a lot of sense to me
(but others may no better).  I substitued a simple long jump to my start

Best of luck,

-- Nick Simon 

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