Progress with Java VM portings

Charles-Antoine Gauthier charles.gauthier at
Thu Feb 24 14:34:24 UTC 2000

Actually, I was rather busy doing something completely different (has
something to do with earning money for a living...)

My collegues just complete the port of RTEMS to the MBX821/MBX860. The
last few weeks were spent trying to figure out why the MBX821 will not
work at all with the data cache turned on. We suspect that the memory
controller values in the documentation are wrong and that we are getting
bus errors during burst writes. Also, on the MBX860, interrupts from the
serial ports do not interrupt the PowerPC core when the data cache is
turned on. We can see the interrupt pending in the SIPEND register, the
SIMASK register is set to pass them on, and the interrupts are enabled
in the core, but no cookie :-( We submitted the code yesterday to OAR. I
am sure that we missed the cutoff date for inclusion in RTEMS 4.5, but
that was unavoidable.

For the first time yesterday, we had the Lego RCX driving around under
control from a Java program running in the MBX821 and MBX860. C++ and
Java exceptions are working. Previously, we only could use the MVME167
to control the robot.

We should be moving on to port the Boehm garbage collector any day now.
I am busily planning the next tasks, and I am still trying to get a Web
site up.

Rosimildo da Silva wrote:
> Hi,
> It would be nice if the teams working on the Java portings to
> RTEMS could write a couple of lines about the progress with the
> project. I know you guys are pretty busy coding... :-).
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