Progress with Java VM portings

Rosimildo da Silva rdasilva at
Thu Feb 24 14:57:28 UTC 2000

Charles-Antoine Gauthier wrote:
> Actually, I was rather busy doing something completely different (has
> something to do with earning money for a living...)

I know what you mean... I am in the same boat right now....

> My collegues just complete the port of RTEMS to the MBX821/MBX860. The
> last few weeks were spent trying to figure out why the MBX821 will not
> work at all with the data cache turned on. We suspect that the memory
> controller values in the documentation are wrong and that we are getting
> bus errors during burst writes. Also, on the MBX860, interrupts from the
> serial ports do not interrupt the PowerPC core when the data cache is
> turned on. We can see the interrupt pending in the SIPEND register, the
> SIMASK register is set to pass them on, and the interrupts are enabled
> in the core, but no cookie :-( We submitted the code yesterday to OAR. I
> am sure that we missed the cutoff date for inclusion in RTEMS 4.5, but
> that was unavoidable.
> For the first time yesterday, we had the Lego RCX driving around under
> control from a Java program running in the MBX821 and MBX860. C++ and
> Java exceptions are working. Previously, we only could use the MVME167
> to control the robot.

I am glad you got "C++ exceptions working". If you have missed it, I
a patch to make C++ exceptions thread safe a while back.
Joel decided to skip it for this release ( 4.5 ).

> We should be moving on to port the Boehm garbage collector any day now.
> I am busily planning the next tasks, and I am still trying to get a Web
> site up.

Congratulations, and keep up with the good work.


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