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Dan Smisko dan at
Fri Jan 14 02:38:53 UTC 2000

Hello all.

We're getting underway with a project using a Coldfire (5206e).  RTEMS
looks like it might work well for us, so I'm trying to get it running.

The "internal peripherals" being used are:

Will need to use one capture register for timing events approx. 1ms
apart.  A periodic 1ms (approx.) interrupt is also needed to service
the hardware.

External hardware is a VFD, quad UART, real time clock, and a fist full
of latches.  These are for reading hardware status and writing control
bits.  Also some shift registers.

So I've got RTEMS code and documentation, read through some of it,
searched the web, etc.  The "Getting Started" guide has some old
versions of software listed.  Should I get the latest?  Do patches
exist?  So I need:

RTEMS		4.0.0
compiler	egcs 1.1b, 1.1.2, gcc 2.95.2, ???
binutils	2.9.1
newlib		1.8.2, 1.8.0, ???
gdb		4.17, 4.18 ???

Here are gdb patches.  Should I use both?
   rtems (
   bdm   (

I'm hoping that the SBC5206 BSP will give me a good starting point.
Right now I have a 5206eLITE, which will be replaced with our own
cpu card.  Of course I'll need to write stuff for my unique I/O.

The development platform is Linux.  Pay no attention to the mail header
behind the curtain.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks.

Dan Smisko
Balanced Audio Technology

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