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Chris Johns ccj at
Fri Jan 14 03:56:50 UTC 2000

Dan Smisko wrote:
> Hello all.
> We're getting underway with a project using a Coldfire (5206e).  RTEMS
> looks like it might work well for us, so I'm trying to get it running.
> The "internal peripherals" being used are:
>    UART
>    MBUS
>    Timer
> Will need to use one capture register for timing events approx. 1ms
> apart.  A periodic 1ms (approx.) interrupt is also needed to service
> the hardware.
> External hardware is a VFD, quad UART, real time clock, and a fist full
> of latches.  These are for reading hardware status and writing control
> bits.  Also some shift registers.
> So I've got RTEMS code and documentation, read through some of it,
> searched the web, etc.  The "Getting Started" guide has some old
> versions of software listed.  Should I get the latest?  Do patches
> exist?  So I need:
> RTEMS           4.0.0
> compiler        egcs 1.1b, 1.1.2, gcc 2.95.2, ???
> binutils        2.9.1
> newlib          1.8.2, 1.8.0, ???
> gdb             4.17, 4.18 ???
> Here are gdb patches.  Should I use both?
>    rtems (
>    bdm   (
> I'm hoping that the SBC5206 BSP will give me a good starting point.
> Right now I have a 5206eLITE, which will be replaced with our own
> cpu card.  Of course I'll need to write stuff for my unique I/O.
> The development platform is Linux.  Pay no attention to the mail header
> behind the curtain.
> Any and all suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks.

I am also working with the Coldfire and RTEMS. I have released a boot
rom for the Coldfire you can find it here :

It currently does not support RTEMS, but it will.

 Chris Johns, mailto:ccj at

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