RTEMS State (MPC860)

Erwin Rol Erwin.Rol at q-soft-engineering.com
Mon Jan 24 13:50:29 UTC 2000

Hello all,

I am wondering what the current state of RTEMS (and the MPC860 + eth +
state is. I believe there was talked about a next release of the 4.x
branch of
RTEMS, is that really going to be out soon ?
Secondly what are the versions of the tools needed:
GCC: egcs 1.1.x is used i believe but the GCC(FKA-EGCS) ppl are already
way beyond that, can
     the newest GCC's be used (with or without patches)?
NEWLIB: 1.8.0 but there is already a 1.8.2 i think , can that be used ?
GDB: are the BDM patches "official" or is it just a matter of luck to
get them working ?
     and is there special hardware needed ?

(i will be working on a linux based machine as develop environment)


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