Cygwin Commerial License?

D.V. Henkel-Wallace gumby3 at
Tue Jan 11 01:43:58 UTC 2000

At 19:15 10-01-00 -0500, Smith, Gene wrote:
>Excuse me if this question has already been asked on the mailing list but I
>don't remember seeing it discussed while scanning through the archives.
>I am trying to decide on an environment for developing a possibly
>closed-source commercial application using rtems.  Currently, at work, I
>only have a 95/NT system.  I noticed that quite a few rtems users use CYGWIN
>for development on NT.  The cygnus website says that commercial (closed
>source) applications require a commercial cygwin license.  I assume a
>commercial cygwin license is required for closed-source NT embedded
>development also?
>Alternatively, I could setup a linux box at work to do the development
>without cygwin.  I assume it is acceptable to create a closed-source
>commercial application using gnu tools, newlib and rtems in a linux
>Is my understanding of these issues correct?

That only applies if you want to use cygwin to develop a _windows_ application.

If you want to use cygwin as a way of running gcc problem.  That's 
what these folks are doing.

d (one of the founders of Cygnus)

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