Cygwin Commerial License?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Jan 11 03:13:16 UTC 2000

"Smith, Gene" wrote:

> Alternatively, I could setup a linux box at work to do the development
> without cygwin.  I assume it is acceptable to create a closed-source
> commercial application using gnu tools, newlib and rtems in a linux
> environment?

Gumby handled the licensing.  Let me throw a technical issue your way.
In general, Cygwin is slower and less stable than Linux (or a *BSD).  
I have seen trouble running cvs with the files on a network (admittedly 
netware) server.  

I have developed on both Cygwin and Linux.  I personally (not speaking
for OAR) like to use PCs as Xterminals and a Linux machine as a file 
server and compilation machine.  It makes everything easier to share
and backup.  One fast machine to compile on, etc.

Both ways do work.  Cygwin has the advantage that you can run a windows
emulator and gcc side by side on the same machine.  But you can 
accomplish the same thing running X on the PC, compiling on a Linux box,
and getting the files using a network drive.  

Depends on what you want.  Multiple developers sharing files need some
fileserver setup anyway. :)

> -Gene

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