Problems booting

Jorge Andreu García andreu at
Fri Jun 2 08:14:10 UTC 2000


I have a PC with RTEMS and I want to run a cross-compiled Ada program,
but after loading it from the floppy disk, the program doesn't start and
the computer resets himself.

I have proved the same program with less libraries and it works, so I
think it can be the size of the program: when my program is 200-250
K big, the program works properly, but with all the libraries, my
program rise to 470 K and then doesn't work at all.

Other thing is the number of tasks: when it works, the program has two
tasks running in concurrence, while the entire program should have 5
tasks running at the same time.

I have checked everything I think could be and can't find the problem,
any ideas?


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