Building Coldfire 5307 BSP under 4.5-beta3?

Dario Alcocer dalcocer at
Thu Jun 8 16:28:06 UTC 2000

I've not found the mailing list archives on the new web site, so I
guess I'll have to waste some mailing-list bandwidth and ask: are
there any patches that need to be applied to David Fiddes' SBC5307 BSP 
in order for it to build on 4.5-beta3?

After unpacking the Coldfire BSPs in the correct directory, I ran the
build script:

    $ ./bit_rtems m68k sbc5307

However, this generated the following errors in GNU Make:

    Making preinstall in sbc5307
    gmake[7]: Entering directory
    gmake[7]: *** No rule to make target `preinstall'.  Stop.

Evidently, there's a missing makefile target, and before I start
hacking it, I wanted to know if anyone else had run across this, and
what the correct fix for this error is.

Thanks in advance.

Dario Alcocer // dalcocer at

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