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Tue Jun 20 10:55:30 UTC 2000

Hallo all,

i have a question to the source files of GDB on the FTP site.
I can't build --target=powerpc-rtems with the .tar.gz archive
because configure ends up saying that there is no such
target in ./gdb/
and i also can't aply the patch thats in the same dir on the ftp
site, because it rejects on about every file.
now my question.
are the .tar.gz archives on the FTP site the original unpatched
archives or are that already prepatched.  If they are patched
could someone change the names of the archives to be different from
the original , for example something with _rtems_ in it.

And if they are patched why aren't they patched with the patch that is
in the same dir of the ftp site?


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