Q: Any experience building *-rtems-gdb with Insight?

John Mills "jmills at tga.com" at tga.com
Tue Jun 20 14:55:29 UTC 2000


I would like to try the Insight GUI for 'gdb' (aka 'tkgdb', I think) to
work on RTEMS through 'gdb' stubs in a target board's FLASH.

I expect it is preferred to use the RTEMS-patched version of 'gdb'.

I would have started by (1) building my desired version of '*-rtems-gdb'
as a learning exercise, then grafting or linking that patched source
directory into the 'insight' tree and trying a generic
configure/make/install cycle.

Question: Has anyone built this type combination? Is that the way to go
about it?


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