Daniel Talayco dtalayco at
Tue Jun 20 16:41:27 UTC 2000

One problem may be your version of patch.  I had a similar problem w/ patch under Solaris until I _upgraded_ to gnu patch 2.5.  If the patches aren't applied right, I don't think it recognizes the powerpc-rtems target.


Erwin Rol wrote:
> Hallo all,
> i have a question to the source files of GDB on the FTP site.
> I can't build --target=powerpc-rtems with the .tar.gz archive
> because configure ends up saying that there is no such
> target in ./gdb/
> and i also can't aply the patch thats in the same dir on the ftp
> site, because it rejects on about every file.
> now my question.
> are the .tar.gz archives on the FTP site the original unpatched
> archives or are that already prepatched.  If they are patched
> could someone change the names of the archives to be different from
> the original , for example something with _rtems_ in it.
> And if they are patched why aren't they patched with the patch that is
> in the same dir of the ftp site?
> thanx,
> Erwin
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