Byte-order problems with GDB and BDM driver

Eric Norum eric at
Tue Jun 20 19:40:56 UTC 2000

Dario Alcocer wrote:
> Folks,
> Are any of you using gdb with the Linux BDM driver on an Intel x86
> host?  I'm experiencing byte ordering problems when reading and
> writing target memory using the BDM interface.  [I'm suspecting that
> the library has been tested on non-Intel (i.e. big-endian) machines,
> but I'm not sure.  At least, that's the way gdb seems to be behaving.]

I use the gdb/BDM package on a Pentium PC (RedHat 6.1) with a Motorola
MC68360 target with no problems.

Are you sure your executable image is correct?

What version of the gdb/BDM package are you using?

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