Storing an array(2)

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Sat Jun 24 21:31:40 UTC 2000

"Jorge Andreu García" wrote:
> The problem was finally solved!!!!
> It was not a problem of memory (using pointers and heap memory the
> program
> works) but , perhaps a bug in the Gnat/Ada for Rtems.
> I think the implementation of the word others in Ada doesn't work
> properly
> in this Gnat version because the clause:
>     T'(others=>(others=>0.0))     --T vector of 60000 components of two
> speeds

I think again this is a too small stack problem.  It sounds like 
T is about 8 bytes * 60,000 or 240K big and on the stack.  Using
"others" forces it to be initialized to 0.0.  If you don't say
others the memory is uninitialized.  So adding others trips
the fact your stack is too small and gives writes to the wrong
> doesn't prompt for error while compiling (good) but reboot the machine
> when executing (i.e. when initializing the vector to zero)
> Who can I get in touch to warn about this possible bug?

report at or chat at but I think the problem is 
insufficient stack space.

> Thanks:

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