Decision which RTEMS to use-new project i386EX-Tool Chain?

John Jeffers jjef at
Thu Jun 22 13:50:04 UTC 2000

A while back I had a computer that built RTEMS 4.0.0 using standard 
installs wayyyyy.... back in RH 4.2 days.  (Feels like Rocky and Bulwinkle 

On a new RTEMS project using a 386ex I am struggling to understand on a Red 
Hat 6.2 install (Yes I like it!) Should I.

1) Try and recreate the 4.0.0 build tools. (Seem's like a task today!)

2) Use 4.5b3 using prebuilt rpms per Joel (6 June 2000 response to diff's 

3) Use 4.0.0 using prebuilt rpms (haven't a clue if this is "supposed" to work)

4) Or should I go back to RH5.2 and use the rpms?

Any wisdom would be appreciated.

Cheers John

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