trace() conflict in RTEMS and ncurses.

OUTWATER vac4050 at
Thu Jun 1 20:37:29 UTC 2000

Joel - 
Not sure what you mean by "under configured"...

As for renaming trace() to goahead_trace in the web server code - done.  See 
attached patch.

As for the trace file in the CWD, actually I was hoping to get the trace file to 
debug my original pesky problem - no output at all to my console port when I try 
to run the ncurses tests.  

> OUTWATER wrote:
> > 
> > OOPS! - should have looked at the source!  Looks like trace() is in the
> > webserver code...
> My grep turned that up before your second message showed up. 
> But my reply did not beat yours. :)
> > Again the question - which package to modify?
> I think it would be best to change the webserver to use goahead_trace.
> Personally, I think it is bad form to use such common names and both
> should be changed.  I don't see trace() as part of the defined public
> API to curses.
> Out of curiousity what was under-configured from your earlier email.
> And be warned trace mode in ncurses appears to write a file named
> "trace" in the current directory so you will lose another 
> file descriptor.
> > Keith
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