How to port RTEMS to i386 based embedded system?

ccaudle ccaudle at
Thu Jun 15 21:28:14 UTC 2000

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> I think that RTEMS cannot use flash memory as disk because It's
> without the Journaling Flash File System.

If you do not need to access the flash disk after RTEMS has booted, you do not 
need the file system.

> In other words,if have the Journaling
> Flash File System,RTEMS can boot from flash memory and use it as disk.

You can boot without the file system, you just have to have a boot loader 
which can access IDE disks, such as GrUB or LILO for the i386 BSP.
If you need to access the disk after the system is running, then yes, you will 
need some type of file system.  If you are not writing, then you do not need 
journaling.  If you are not worried about file system corruption during a 
power failure, you do not need journaling.
If the IDE disk does write levelling for you, you do not need a flash file 
system.  You could use a FAT16 (MSDOS) file system and treat it just like a 
small IDE hard drive.

> Port RTEMS to i386 based embedded pc.I hope that you can give me some
> example about this.

There should not be anything to port, assuming that the i386 board you are 
using has a PC compatible BIOS.  Just configure the console for serial port 
when you compile RTEMS.

-- Chris Caudle

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