Beta2 tools build problem

Mike Davies mikert at
Mon May 1 20:01:45 UTC 2000


I am trying to build the tools for an i386-elf build of RTEMS but I'm
not having any luck.  I'm using NT4.0 SP4 to host Cygwin beta 20.1
upgraded with native gcc-2.95.2.

I've downloaded the versions of binutils, gcc.2.95.2, newlib-1.8.2 that
are in the beta directory and patched them OK.

I first tried to use the ./bit script,  but this crashes out very early
in its run,

Then I tried the old method (David Fiddes ?) in one of the old versions
of the docs, binutils compiles fine using this method,  but the gcc
build crashes out with a unresolved reference to stdio.h.

Does anyone know any special tricks that are required to get the
i386-elf tools to build under cygwin ?   Has the ./bit script worked for
anyone else here under Cygwin ?

Thanks a lot,

Mike Davies

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