DEC21041 network card support

Stephan Wilms Stephan.Wilms at
Wed May 10 14:22:54 UTC 2000

Hi all and Hi Emmanuel,

RTEMS includes only a driver for the DEC21140 network card/chip. That 
is a serious problem for me because:
   1) we don't have any cards with the DEC21140
   2) it looks like this chip is a bit old and hard to come by

We do, however, have lots of cards with the DEC21041 chip and therefore 
my main question is: does anyone have a RTEMS driver for this chip ? Or 
maybe someone knows how to modify the DEC21140 driver to make it work 
with DEC21041 cards ?


Stephan Wilms (stephan.wilms at 
CWA-GmbH, Aachen, Germany

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