prebuilt tool binaries question

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Fri May 19 01:08:23 UTC 2000


We are trying to figure out what host OSes it make
sense to prebuilt tool binaries for.  The list
of targets will be as complete as possible like
with the RPMs (i386, i960, m68k, mips, powerpc,
sh, and sparc).  I think this list covers most 
RTEMS users:

  + Linux x86 - glibc 2 based distributions using RPM,
    Debian, or tgz.  This should cover the major
    distributions including RedHat, SuSE, 
    Caldera, and Debian.
  + Cygwin - B20+ using RPM or tgz
  + Solaris 2.x SPARC - using RPM or tgz
  + FreeBSD x86 - don't know packaging yet.  Could
    something be derived via RPM specs? Could x86 Linux
    binaries be converted?

NOTE: Just being on the list does not mean that
tool binaries are in process.  Linux and Cygwin
are pretty much under control now though so we
can think about the others. :)

Are there any other hosts in use out there?  

I do know of a couple of odd issues that impact the 
usefulness of the configurations being built.  For
example, the m68k gdb does not include Eric Norum's
bdm kit. 

Building these tool binaries is a VERY time-consuming
process and we really encourage users to move to
them.  It eliminates a lot of problems that new 
and old users can encounter.

I would like to thank Ralf Corsepius and David Fiddes
for all the help they have given in getting this far.
If there is a FreeBSD tool packaging expert out there,
volunteer. It will speed things up considerably. :)


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