prebuilt tool binaries question

Dario Alcocer dalcocer at
Fri May 19 10:30:51 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at> writes:

    Joel> Hi,

    Joel> We are trying to figure out what host OSes it make sense to
    Joel> prebuilt tool binaries for.  The list of targets will be as
    Joel> complete as possible like with the RPMs (i386, i960, m68k,
    Joel> mips, powerpc, sh, and sparc).  I think this list covers
    Joel> most RTEMS users:

    Joel> + FreeBSD x86 - don't know packaging yet.  Could something
    Joel> be derived via RPM specs? Could x86 Linux binaries be
    Joel> converted?

FreeBSD can run Linux binaries.  Regarding packaging, I think the
standard for FreeBSD is 'pkg' format (not the same format as the Sun
package format of the same name.)

    Joel> I do know of a couple of odd issues that impact the
    Joel> usefulness of the configurations being built.  For example,
    Joel> the m68k gdb does not include Eric Norum's bdm kit.

What would it take to fold in the BDM patches into GDB binaries?  I
would guess that a BDM-capable m68k/coldfire gdb would be a very
common case, one that would be nice to support "out of the box."

    Joel> I would like to thank Ralf Corsepius and David Fiddes for
    Joel> all the help they have given in getting this far.  If there
    Joel> is a FreeBSD tool packaging expert out there, volunteer. It
    Joel> will speed things up considerably. :)

Well, I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I can help out with the
FreeBSD packaging effort.  Besides, it gives me a convenient excuse to
get back into the RTEMS fold.

Dario Alcocer // dalcocer at

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