DEC 21140 startup

Mike Davies mikert at
Sun May 21 09:52:33 UTC 2000


I am trying to get the netdemos to work.  I am using a pci network card
ased on the DEC 21140A chip and a pc386 bsp.  I have set the appropriate
CH and the network addresses etc as per the instruction Matt Smith
posted here.  

Everything compiles fine and after I corrected a few typos in the
network addresses the build stopped complaining that the network was not
reachable (I forget the exact phrase it used).

The build says that it has found the DEC21140 OK,  and prints out some
info about the IRQ,  IO address,  and the network addresses etc.  It
then goes on to report what it is doing (Bind socket.  Listen.  etc etc)

The problem is that I don't think the network card is being properly
initialised.  I am running the same box with a small Linux
configuration,  when Linux starts up the Link LED on the (10MHz) hub
comes on and the Network Activity LED flashes periodically.   For my
RTEMS build both the LEDs stay completely off.

Is there anything else I have to do to get the card to start up?

Another question:

what is the stanza required to get the RTEMS build to use COM2: as its
console ?

I am looking forward to the docs release now,  if you need any help
debugging them then I'm probably the ideal candidate ;-)


Mike Davies

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