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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Sun May 21 15:44:23 UTC 2000

Mike Davies wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to get the netdemos to work.  I am using a pci network card
> ased on the DEC 21140A chip and a pc386 bsp.  I have set the appropriate
> CH and the network addresses etc as per the instruction Matt Smith
> posted here.
> Everything compiles fine and after I corrected a few typos in the
> network addresses the build stopped complaining that the network was not
> reachable (I forget the exact phrase it used).

The netdemo accidentally includes a non-local IP address as the 
"DAtA_SINK_HOST".  You need to change that to a machine on your

Also you may have a problem where the interface name configured
is not the same as what the driver expects.  The name should end
in "0" since this driver does not parse the name.  [NOTE: parsing
interface names in the drivers was not in the initial example
drivers.  Hence, it did not get done by early drivers.  See
the gen68360/network or libchip/sonic driver for drivers
that properly parse the configured interface name.]

> The build says that it has found the DEC21140 OK,  and prints out some
> info about the IRQ,  IO address,  and the network addresses etc.  It
> then goes on to report what it is doing (Bind socket.  Listen.  etc etc)
> The problem is that I don't think the network card is being properly
> initialised.  I am running the same box with a small Linux
> configuration,  when Linux starts up the Link LED on the (10MHz) hub
> comes on and the Network Activity LED flashes periodically.   For my
> RTEMS build both the LEDs stay completely off.
> Is there anything else I have to do to get the card to start up?

There are a lot of DEC Tulip variants.  It is VERY possible that 
the actual chip on the card is not the same as that which the driver
was tested on.  If possible, please check the PCI id reported by
the RTEMS or Linux driver.  The Linux driver has a great discussion
of the variations on this NIC.  

It may be a simple matter of local configuration or it may require
a bit of tinkering with the driver to additionally support the
chip variant you have.  This would be a welcome submission.

> Another question:
> what is the stanza required to get the RTEMS build to use COM2: as its
> console ?

Unfortunately, this requires tinkering with pc386/console/console.c and
changing the setting of the variable BSPConsolePort.  The line is

> I am looking forward to the docs release now,  if you need any help
> debugging them then I'm probably the ideal candidate ;-)

The more eyes the better. :)  I would encourage people to comment
on the documentation and send in things to fill in the wholes.  In 
particular, the POSIX API guide has a lot left to fill in.  The Porting
Guide and BSP and Device Driver Guides were tough to write and 
comments are appreciated.
> Regards,
> --
> Mike Davies

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