rtems-4.5.0-beta/c_tools build error

Stephan Wilms Stephan.Wilms at CWA.de
Tue May 2 07:54:10 UTC 2000

Hi Eli Kozikaro,

> I'm using  RedHat 6.2 and  rtems-4.5.0-beta.
> I untared the  tools and applied the patches then I ran ./bit m68k
> The ./bit m68k build did not complete  (see error messages bellow).
> I was able to complete the build when I added the install point
> (/usr/local/rtems/bin ) to the PATH environment variable.
> I wonder if this is a bug or am I missing a step.

It apears to be a bug, or at least an omission in the "bit" script. As 
far as I know OAR is looking into this (I reported this last week). 
Your fix is correct: when you want to use the current "bit" script you 
must add the <INSTALL_POINT>/bin subdirectory to the PATH.

OAR says they'll put a fix right into the "bit" script, so this won't 
be needed with future releases.


Stephan Wilms (stephan.wilms at cwa.de) 
CWA-GmbH, Aachen, Germany

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