FW: procedure for building rtems-4.5.0beta2

Mike Davies mikert at noco.demon.co.uk
Mon May 8 20:20:30 UTC 2000

>Not only that but you probably will want to run "script" first to log to
>a file the many screens of data that will go screaming by.

I managed to find which command is generated from bit_rtems that fails,
it is :

running /bin/sh ../../../rtems-4.5.0-beta2/tools/build/configure  --
target=i386-rtems --prefix=/home/mike/rtems-4.5.0-beta2/install --
disable-hwapi --disable-multiprocessing --enable-cxx --enable-rdbg --
disable-tests --enable-networking --enable-posix --disable-itron --
enable-rtemsbsp=pci386 --cache-file=../.././config.cache --

This fails giving a "file not found" error.  This seems to be a
reasonable error to get since the build directory is actually "rtems-
4.5.0-beta2/tools/build-i386-rtems" !

Should the bit_rtems script include the user_cfg script ?  Or is there
some other possible reason why this script fails ?


Mike Davies

Mike Davies

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