tool update was Re: Posix missing?/timercmp

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Mon May 15 11:08:54 UTC 2000

There were two issues that required an updated to the
RTEMS gcc and newlib patches:

  1.  In order to be able to support the multi-threading
      support in the C++ libraries, it was necessary 
      to move pthread.h to newlib.  This makes it 
      visible at tool build time and thus standard 
      language libraries can use the services.

  2.  timercmp (and a couple of others) are BSD-ish 
      routines sometimes found on other systems.  They
      were needed to support including the nearly 
      complete RPC/XDR support.

You need to build new gcc/newlib or grab the RPMs.

gerke.kok at wrote:
> Hello,
> I try to build the beta3 of RTEMS with BSP=gen68360 and get the failure:
> [/usr/src/beta3/m68k-rtems/c/gen68360/exec/posix/src]$ make
> /opt/rtems/bin/m68k-rtems-gcc --pipe -B../../../../../../gen68360/lib/
> -specs bsp_specs -qrtems
>  -g -Wall -ansi -fasm    -mcpu32     -c -D__RTEMS_INSIDE__ -O4
> -fomit-frame-pointer -o o-optimi
> ze/adasupp.o
> ../../../../../../../rtems-4.5.0-beta3/c/src/exec/posix/src/adasupp.c
> ../../../../../../../rtems-4.5.0-beta3/c/src/exec/posix/src/adasupp.c:7:
> pthread.h: No such fil
> e or directory
> make: *** [o-optimize/adasupp.o] Error 1
> [/usr/src/beta3/m68k-rtems/c/gen68360/exec/posix/src]$
> The strange thing is: I did build the beta2 with great succes. What's
> changed that this does nog work anylonger?
> wkr,
> Gerke

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