prebuilt tool binaries question

Dario Alcocer dalcocer at
Fri May 19 16:50:30 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at> writes:

    Joel> What Linux packaging format can you load?

Well, it seems that you can use RPMs on FreeBSD, it's just that the
preferred packaging is 'pkg' format.

    Joel> Instructions for using the Linux binaries on FreeBSD would
    Joel> be better from a maintenance viewpoint.  Plus short term, it
    Joel> is all that is going to happen.  Could you provide a few
    Joel> paragraphs for the Getting Started manual detailing this?

Sure.  I should be able to spend some time on it this week-end.
    Joel> Starting out with the "Linux binaries on FreeBSD"
    Joel> insrtuctions will help out some if they really can be used.

    Joel> After that, I suppose real pkg descriptions need to be
    Joel> generated.  If you can figure that out, it would be
    Joel> appreciated.  This is similar to how David Fiddes figured
    Joel> out the Cygwin situation and OAR is trying to take over the
    Joel> procedure and generate them regularly.

Does this mean that if I can figure out how to package the binaries
that OAR will build these on a FreeBSD/NetBSD machine? :-)

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