prebuilt tool binaries question

Daniel Talayco dtalayco at
Fri May 19 17:05:47 UTC 2000

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Hi,
> We are trying to figure out what host OSes it make
> sense to prebuilt tool binaries for.  The list
> of targets will be as complete as possible like
> with the RPMs (i386, i960, m68k, mips, powerpc,
> sh, and sparc).  I think this list covers most
> RTEMS users:
>   + Linux x86 - glibc 2 based distributions using RPM,
>     Debian, or tgz.  This should cover the major
>     distributions including RedHat, SuSE,
>     Caldera, and Debian.
>   + Cygwin - B20+ using RPM or tgz
>   + Solaris 2.x SPARC - using RPM or tgz
>   + FreeBSD x86 - don't know packaging yet.  Could
>     something be derived via RPM specs? Could x86 Linux
>     binaries be converted?
> ...
> Are there any other hosts in use out there?

FYI:  I've recently built the tools and rtems under 
PPC Linux (Yellow Dog) without too many changes.  I'm 
still evaluating my success.  I expect once compiled,
the packaging could be done easily with RPM (a statement
made in ignorance about such things.)

> I do know of a couple of odd issues that impact the
> usefulness of the configurations being built.  For
> example, the m68k gdb does not include Eric Norum's
> bdm kit.
> Building these tool binaries is a VERY time-consuming
> process and we really encourage users to move to
> them.  

? Move to packaged binaries?

-Dan Talayco

> It eliminates a lot of problems that new
> and old users can encounter.
> I would like to thank Ralf Corsepius and David Fiddes
> for all the help they have given in getting this far.
> If there is a FreeBSD tool packaging expert out there,
> volunteer. It will speed things up considerably. :)
> Thanks.
> --joel
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