rtems++ failure help....

John S. Gwynne jsg at jsgpc.mrcday.com
Tue May 23 02:57:10 UTC 2000

| > I'm trying to make progress in understanding why the rtems++ test program
| > (beta3) fails on the efi332 (m68332) target.


| > The virtual pointer table (_vptr) is zero, which leads to my "bus
| > error" when the virtual function task->body is resolved and
| > executed (I think :).
| Looking at the code, Task1 is a global object. If you do not run static
| constructors this test will fail. Maybe the test code should check for
| this case.

And that is indeed the case.  Turns out bootcard was not calling _init
which was not calling the appropriate constructor... easy fix... add
"AM_CPPFLAGS = -DUSE_INIT_FINI" to startup/Makefile. Now onto the
problem in sp28...

john gwynne

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