Problem compiling C++ package

Rosimildo daSilva rdasilva at
Thu May 25 17:59:29 UTC 2000

From: Alexey <alexey at>
To: rtems-users at <rtems-users at>
Date: Thursday, May 25, 2000 10:33 AM
Subject: Re: Problem compiling C++ package

>> C++ folks... I have made a couple of suggestions to
>> Alexey on this but I thought you folks might know more. :)
>> He is porting a VERY interesting add-on to RTEMS.  If
>> he wants to tip his hand with a URL, then I will give
>> him that privilege. :)
>I'm trying to port openh323 ( ) to RTEMS
>I build it with a lots of stub and now trying to build somthing like "hello
>but without success up till now.
>As soon as I try call somthing from librtemsh323 (it's openh323 by itself)
>recieve somthing like that:


This seems to be a very good add-on to RTEMS. You need to define the
confuguration for the network. It'll be better if you start with the
programs to get familiar with the details. You would have to change some
parameters to match your environment ( IP, GateWay, etc ).

If you have trouble with that, I can send my network configuration files.
They're have been tested for PC386, but that should not matter.


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