CygWin - RPMS --- problems --- follow up -- Success

Rosimildo da Silva rdasilva at
Fri May 26 15:31:43 UTC 2000


It is the f@#$ing CygWin 1.1 that is causing problems.

It installs the "/" mount point as binmode. I created
a directory underneath it for RTEMS development, and it
behaves in "binmode" as well. This makes some tools to 
behave very strange.

I had to mount a new mount point for RTEMS development 
in "textmode". Reconfigured it again, and now everything compiles fine.

Finally, I have got beta3 working and using the RPMS for Cygwin.

NOTE: After I apply some patches to the code, and had to 
"bootstrap" it again, I've got this error. It does not
seem to affect what I am doing, but it would be nice to
have it corrected.

bash-2.03$ ./bootstrap
./c/src/lib variable `LIBHWAPI' not defined


Rosimildo da Silva wrote:
> I have got the a compilation problem, after getting the
> RPMS installed last night. The bsp_specs fie is there on its
> usual place. I have ran "dos2unix" on it just in case,
> but it did not help.
> NOTE: I am using CygWin 1.1, and this could be the reason that
> I am facing a few problems.
> Rosimildo.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> make[8]: Nothing to be done for `all-am'.
> make[8]: Leaving directory
> `/tools/build-i386-rtems/i386-rtems/c/pc386/exec/scor
> e/cpu/i386/rtems'
> make[7]: Leaving directory
> `/tools/build-i386-rtems/i386-rtems/c/pc386/exec/scor
> e/cpu/i386/rtems'
> make[7]: Entering directory
> `/tools/build-i386-rtems/i386-rtems/c/pc386/exec/sco
> re/cpu/i386'
> /opt/rtems/bin/i386-rtems-gcc --pipe -B../../../../../../.././pc386/lib/
> -specs
> bsp_specs -qrtems -g -Wall -ansi -fasm         -c  -O4 -o
> o-optimize/cpu.o ../..
> /../../../../../../rtems-4.5.0-beta3/c/src/exec/score/cpu/i386/cpu.c
> i386-rtems-gcc: bsp_specs: No such file or directory
> make[7]: *** [o-optimize/cpu.o] Error 1

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