Remote debugging?

russ russ at
Sun May 28 06:12:58 UTC 2000


I use the m68k gdb on an embedded 68LC302 system with serial debugging. So I can tell you how I've
gotten it to work for the m68k version. 

There is a file called m68k-stub.c and gdb-hooks.c which needs to be linked in to the embedded
application. They both are included with RTEMS. I believe all the supported processors have similar
files available. They handle the gdb serial communications protocol. You will also need to supply a
serial port driver for these files on the embedded device and call breakpoint() at the start of your
application to sync the PC and embedded device.

Once the application is running on the embedded system, on the PC side run m68k-rtems-gdb, set up
the baud rate, and type:

target remote /dev/ttyS0

or whatever port you are using. The connection should be established. Then it's just like any other
gdb session.

Hope that helps. 

"Jorge Andreu García" wrote:
> Hello to all:
> Anyone has tried to remote debug? I am trying to debug a rtems program
> in a embebed system and I want to debug this program from a PC with
> Linux conected via serial. I know with gdb/ddd can be done, but I don't
> know which order should I give to the debugger.
> Thanks:

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