M-Systems Flash Disk compliance.

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Wed Nov 15 23:35:50 UTC 2000

Chris Caudle wrote:
> >Hmmm, I originally thought that the DOC was
> >an IDE device;
> No, the Disk-On-Chip is just a standard integrated circuit package that you
> connect to a memory bus.  The usual method of connection is to the ISA bus in
> a PC architecture.
> >with the wear levelling alogorithm being internal to the
> >chip and provided by a BIOS extension.
> Correct.  The problem comes because you have to make real mode calls to use
> the BIOS extension.  RTEMS runs in protected mode, so to use the BIOS
> extension, you would have to switch back to real mode, make the call, then
> switch back to protected mode.  Could get ugly.

Is there standard code to do this?  If so, then regardless of how ugly
it is, we could use the BIOS as a starting point.
> If you aren't going to use the BIOS extension that gets loaded at boot, that
> is when you need the TrueFFS filesystem code. I think that is called the
> "OSAK," the Operating System Adaptation Kit.  That is provided by M-Systems
> under license.

FWIW .. if they have one for posix threads or pSOS+, then it will
just work.  A VxWorks-ish one would probably work given the
library announced on the list earlier.
> -- Chris Caudle

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