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Thu Nov 23 22:34:12 UTC 2000

What I have done, which allows me to work within Windows, is connect a Linux box
to a network card and use telnet to do all the RTEMS stuff.  I also use emacs on
my windows machine and have the Linux connected as a mapped drive, thus allowing
me to do the work in Windows, but let the processing be done in Linux.  This
means I can switch between developing using products such as Rational Rose
(which is not available for Linux) to the building of the source without ever
having to change machines.  Additionally, while RTEMS is building, it's not
using my Windows machine resources.

correo at wrote:

> Hi,
>         After "mise en place" the RTEMS BSP the hard engineer asks me
> to run the environment (Linux Mandrake 7.1 & RTEMS 4.5.0 (last snapshot))
> in a known environment (Windows 2000 or NT4).
>  I have downloaded the last version 2.29 of cygwin from INET.
> This works fine with native compiler i386 (686 version of course).
> I can run all the linux commands, scripts, etc. but...
> After following all the steps like in RTEMS linux Environment the
> ./bit_rtems sh CRASH!!!
> Are there any people that works with cygwin?
> Can you help me with the best version?
> The place to get it and the litle "trucs" to run RTEMS
> in the "UGLY" O.S from Microsoft.
> All the people recommend to work in linux to avoid the Win32 Virus and more.
> I am delighted with LINUX but the boss is the boss and he doesn't want to
> change.
> Another point.
> All our developements have a multiterminal sessions.
> I have a little shell to run the commands like monitor rtems makes.
> I ask if the right way to make this is :
>       rtems_task
>       TaskTerminal(...) {
>        ...
>          stdin =fopen("/dev/com1","r+");
>        stdout=fopen("/dev/com1","r+");
>        stderr=fopen("/dev/com1","r+");
>        ...
>        for (;;) {
>         prompt();
>         if (getline(cmd))
>          exec_command(cmd);
>        };
>       }
>       Without previous fclose(stdXXX)
>         in every task that I want that runs in a new terminal.
>         Is this correct?
> Thanks in advance.
> Fernando RUIZ CASAS
> fernando.ruiz at

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