Using RTEMS with Ada

Simon Clubley simon_clubley at
Sun Apr 8 17:40:35 UTC 2001

What versions of the tools/RTEMS are the Ada users actually using ?
Did you have to make any alterations to these versions ?

My host platform is x86 Linux (Redhat 6.2) and my target platform is
the pc386 BSP. I am aware, from reading the archives, of the issues
regarding Ada and the current versions of the tools/RTEMS. However,
as this is for personal interest only, a combination of the older
tools/RTEMS would be fine.

I see as well that the instructions for 4.0.0
reference gnat-3.10p/gcc-2.8.1, but that the gcc patch in this
version of GNAT is for GCC-2.7.2. Is there a version of the gcc-2.8.1
patch for gnat-3.10p that I have not found yet ?

I also see that the pre-compiled binaries for this version of GNAT
do not appear to run on Redhat 6.2 (It fails in the linker when I
do a hello_world.c test because it cannot find one of the crt*
modules) so are you also using an older Linux/libraries as well ?

Thanks for any replies


Simon Clubley
simon_clubley at

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