PPP Question

Mike Siers mikes at poliac.com
Thu Apr 26 20:38:09 UTC 2001

I am trying to use the pppd code of the latest RTEMS
snapshot (2001/04/24).  I have an OpenBSD server that
is set up to receive incoming PPP connections over
a null modem serial cable without any authentication.
I can successfully connect to the server using Windows.

I am now trying connect from my RTEMS test PC.  I am using
the i386/pc586 BSP.  I am using the standard tty driver
and I register the ppp_tty callback functions for the PPP 
line discipline.  I also modified the pppdmain code so it 
does not worry about processing a connection string.
When I execute this software, it reports the following 
strings to the console:
  ppp0 bad protocol 0xffff88a0
  syslog: read: m
  syslog: read: m

If I run ifconfig on the server box, I get the following
tun0: flags=11<UP,POINTOPOINT> mtu 1500

But I do not see the tun0 interface entered anywhere into
the routing table on the server.  The server ppp log file
reports the following:
  LCP: deflink: LayerFinish
  LCP: deflink: State change Starting-->Initial

Has anyone done something similar?  Any information would
be greatly appreciated.

Mike Siers

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