D. Peter Siddons siddons at
Thu Apr 19 22:07:35 UTC 2001

Hi Joel,

> Refer to the make/custom/mcp750.cfg for some "advice".  There
> mvme2307.cfg file was not updated to reflect the way to build
> a downloadable image in a manner that would work both before
> and after the RTEMS install.
> The basic idea is that you need a binary image with the bootloader
> and a zipped image of the executable.  The mcp750.cfg make-exe
> rule is the one to use as a baseline.

OK, so I took the mcp750.cfg and the mvme2307.cfg and came up with
something that at least produces a file which looks reasonable.
Here are the bits I had to hack to make it complete. It generates
a file called hello.bin, simply left in the o-optimize directory.

# NOTE2: some level of -O may be actually required by inline assembler
(at least
# -O2 so far.
# NOTE2 Apparently nobody really knows the status or r2 and r13.
# As far as I know, small data are pointer impose a very specific
# model => not used.
# Currently the sdata2 and sbss2 sections are empty => r2 is not used...
CFLAGS_OPTIMIZE_V=-O4 -mmultiple -mstring -mstrict-align

# debug flags: typically none, but at least -O1 is required due to this
# BSP using inlined code
CFLAGS_DEBUG_V = -O1 -mmultiple -mstring -mstrict-align

# profile flags: typically none, but at least -O1 is required due to
# BSP using inlined code
CFLAGS_PROFILE_V = -O1 -mmultiple -mstring -mstrict-align  

# The following is a ld command file which works without using the
# -specs system in gcc 2.8.  IT HAS NEVER BEEN TESTED WITH THIS BSP!!!
#       $(LD) $(XLDFLAGS) -T $(LINKCMDS) \
#         -o $@ -u atexit -u __vectors -u download_entry $(LINK_FILES)
#       $(LD) $(XLDFLAGS) -Ttext 0x20000 \
#         -o $@ -u atexit -u __vectors -u download_entry $(LINK_FILES)

#       $(CC) -mmvme -mrtems -nostartfiles -mcpu=603 \
#           -o $(basename $@).exe -L $(PROJECT_RELEASE)/lib \
#            $(START_FILE) $(LINK_OBJS) \
#            $(LD_LIBS) \
#           -Wl,-\( -Wl,-lc -Wl,-lrtemsall -Wl,-lgcc -Wl,-\)
define make-exe
        $(LINK.c) $(AM_CFLAGS) $(AM_LDFLAGS) \
           -o $(basename $@).exe $(LINK_OBJS) $(LINK_LIBS)
        $(NM) -g -n $(basename $@).exe > $(basename $@).num
        $(SIZE) $(basename $@).exe
        $(OBJCOPY) $(basename $@).exe rtems -O binary -R .comment -S
        gzip -vf9 rtems
        $(LD) -o $(basename $@).bin $(PROJECT_RELEASE)/lib/bootloader.o
--just-symbols=$(basename $@)
.exe \
        -b binary rtems.gz -T $(PROJECT_RELEASE)/lib/ \
        -Map $(basename $@).map && chmod 755 $@
        rm -f rtems.gz

# Miscellaneous additions go here

The .map file shows:-

Allocating common symbols
Common symbol       size              file

fixed_td            0x4              
fixed_tl            0x4              
fixed_mem           0x1090           
fixed_bl            0x4              
v86_private         0x94             
fixed_bd            0x4              

Memory Configuration

Name             Origin             Length             Attributes
*default*        0x00000000         0xffffffff

Linker script and memory map

LOAD ../../../../../mvme2307/lib/bootloader.o
LOAD o-optimize/hello.exe
LOAD rtems.gz

.text           0x00000000     0xc98c
                0x00000000        0x4 LONG 0x48000400 (0x48000000+start)
 *fill*         0x00000004      0x1ba
                0x000001be                .=0x1be
                0x000001be        0x1 BYTE 0x80
                0x000001bf        0x1 BYTE 0x0
                0x000001c0        0x1 BYTE 0x2
                0x000001c1        0x1 BYTE 0x0
                0x000001c2        0x1 BYTE 0x41
                0x000001c3        0x1 BYTE 0x1
                0x000001c4        0x1 BYTE 0x12
                0x000001c5        0x1 BYTE 0x4f
                0x000001c6        0x4 LONG 0x0
                0x000001ca        0x1 BYTE 0x1
                0x000001cb        0x1 BYTE 0x1
                0x000001cc        0x1 BYTE 0x0
 *fill*         0x000001cd       0x31
                0x000001fe                .=0x1fe
                0x000001fe        0x1 BYTE 0x55
                0x000001ff        0x1 BYTE 0xaa
                0x00000200        0x1 BYTE 0x0 (start&0xff)
                0x00000201        0x1 BYTE 0x4 ((start>>=0x8)&0xff)
                0x00000202        0x1 BYTE 0x0 ((start>>=0x10)&0xff)
                0x00000203        0x1 BYTE 0x0 ((start>>=0x18)&0xff)
                0x00000204        0x1 BYTE 0xf8 (_edata&0xff)
                0x00000205        0x1 BYTE 0x1 ((_edata>>=0x8)&0xff)
                0x00000206        0x1 BYTE 0x2 ((_edata>>=0x10)&0xff)
                0x00000207        0x1 BYTE 0x0 ((_edata>>=0x18)&0xff)
                0x00000208        0x1 BYTE 0x0
                0x00000209        0x1 BYTE 0x0
                0x0000020a        0x1 BYTE 0x4c
                0x0000020b        0x1 BYTE 0x69
                0x0000020c        0x1 BYTE 0x6e
                0x0000020d        0x1 BYTE 0x75
                0x0000020e        0x1 BYTE 0x78
 *fill*         0x0000020f      0x1f1
                0x00000400                .=0x400
 .text          0x00000400     0xc58c
                0x00004d04                PnP_find_packet
                0x0000c540                vsprintf
                0x000044d0                gunzip
                0x00009c64                early_setup
...lots of symbol definitions here

.bss            0x00020200     0x1154
 .sbss          0x00020200       0x10
                                  0x0 (size before relaxing)
                0x00020200                fixed_td
                0x00020204                fixed_tl
                0x00020208                fixed_bl
                0x0002020c                fixed_bd
 .bss           0x00020210        0x4
                0x00020214                .=ALIGN(0x4)
 *fill*         0x00020214        0xc
 COMMON         0x00020220     0x1134
                                  0x0 (size before relaxing)
                0x00020220                fixed_mem
                0x000212c0                v86_private
                0x00021354                __size=.

OUTPUT(o-optimize/hello.bin binary)

.stab           0x00021354    0x14fc4
 .stab          0x00021354    0x14fc4

.stabstr        0x00036318    0x25322
 .stabstr       0x00036318    0x25322

If I load this and run it from 00000000 it hangs. There ws a suggestion
that the
entry might be at 00003000; running it from there gives illegal
Does it look like the script does the right things? If so, what am I
doing wrong
with the load process?

> As an aside, the current .exe is probably in elf and is being
> loaded raw into your PPC memory. That is the reason for the fault.

Yes, of course, you are right. The 'illegal instructions' were 'E' 'L'


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