PPPD questions.

Mike Siers mikes at poliac.com
Tue Aug 7 17:10:22 UTC 2001

Hi Ilya,
Have you looked at the pppd 2.3.11 man page?  I believe
their is a option for setting the remote and local
IP values <local-ip-address:remote-ip-address>.  There
should also be option settings for specifying the netmask,
DNS, and gateway.

My goal in this port was to try and use the standard pppd
option strings instead of having to determine which global
variables are used for setting a particular option.

I am glad to here the server side works.  I will look into
removing all the exit function calls.  But how do you think
these cases should be handled?  If the pppd code is hitting
an exit function call, then removing the function call will
not fix the problem.

Also, I will make the other changes you requested.  They are
listed below.

  1) rename error function in pppd/utils.c
  3) remove the unessecary files from the pppd directory
  4) change example code to use correct ticks per second value

Thanks for trying it,
Mike Siers

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From: Ilya Alexeev [mailto:ilya at continuum.ru]
Sent: Friday, August 03, 2001 1:29 PM
To: Mike Siers
Subject: PPPD questions.

Hello Mike,

Today I tried your pppd.
It is works, but I have some questions and suggestions.

1. How to correct assign "local IP address"?
I am using Win98 ppp client for rtems pppd.
That, which I specify in the
rtems_bsdnet_ifconfig (netconfig.h) does not work.
I was compelled to specify it in ipcp.c
(before "Could not determine local IP address" message).

2. Playing with the authorization I has met function 'exit'
(in the file auth.c).
This function completely switches down my RTEMS :-)
By the way, file options.c also have 'exit'.

3. Your example have this code:
   /* sleep 10 seconds and call connect function */
I have a 1000 ticks in second, so I think that using
something like GET_TICKS_PER_SECOND is more right :)

That is all yet..

Bye, Ilya.

Centre for Engineering and Technology "Continuum+"
Ilya Alexeev                       Yaroslavl
ilya at continuum.ru                  Russia

Hello Mike,

Sorry, I was out of town some weeks
and could not answer your letters.

MS> I am putting together a patch for the latest snapshot
MS> for my pppd changes.  Could you please forward the
MS> changes you made to the modem/ppp_tty.c and termios.c
MS> files?  I would like to get all these changes merged
MS> into one patch file that we can submit for the next
MS> snapshot release.

This changes are very bad and they are not by me.

They eliminated not the reason but the consequence of a problem,
and some hardware-dependent (strange...)

Some moments of this changes: (by the author's explanation)

1. 'modem_sendpacket' function (ppp_tty.c) necessary
to be the separate task (I don't know why)

2. Process stops while waiting the clearing of termios output buffer,
so then we waits too long, just flush this buffer by
clearing header and footer pointers (with loosing some data, of course).

3. Periodically (I do not know when) manually call the part of code
from the port's interrupt handler which is responsible
for 'rtems_termios_dequeue_characters'.

I don't understand this strange changes, so I don't want to give them
to other people...

MS> Have you tried pppd 2.3.11 yet?  I am interested if
MS> it is working for others.

Today I tried your latest ppp sources.
After some attempts they are compiled :-)
I have no time to test them, only to run yet.

I have a number of remarks and offers:

1. Function 'error' in pppd/utils.c is conflicting with the
'error' function in rtems_webserver.

2. I think that using macros CONFIGURE_INIT_TASK_PRIORITY and so on
for ppp tasks is not good. I got many errors after including system.h
to the several files. May be macro such RTEMS_PPPD_PRIORITY somewhere
in rtemspppd.h(?) is more good?

3. I think this files needs to be removed from pppd directory:

4. Do you tried to use your rtems-pppd as a server?
I saw that your ppp application tries to connect to the server
a number of times, and than writes something like "Connection terminated".
I am more interesting in using my rtems box at the ppp server.
Which changes I should make for this purpose?
Can this pppd give out to the client all addresses (IP address, Netmask,
DNS, Gateway)?

MS> Thanks
MS> Mike Siers

Big thanks for your diligence and attention.

Bye, Ilya.

Centre for Engineering and Technology "Continuum+"
Ilya Alexeev                       Yaroslavl
ilya at continuum.ru                  Russia

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