Erwin Rol Erwin.Rol at Q-Soft-Engineering.com
Fri Aug 24 09:33:01 UTC 2001

Hi did anybody ever think about for example using
a other OSS RTOS as a module to run under RTAI ?
In principle it should be possible to have a BSP for 
RTEMS that ends up being a linux kernel module under RTAI.
And with that offering full hardrealtime for RTEMS while
still being able to run linux on the same machine.
This might both be profitable for RTAI and RTEMS. RTAI
will directly have a full POSIX API, ITRON API, network stack, etc.
to be used. And RTEMS will have to possibility to do self hosting 
development on one PC. The multi CPU API from RTEMS could even 
be used to communicate with Linux. 

Maybe these two projects could come a bit closer and combined might
offer more functionality to their users.

for the ppl that don't know the other project:
RTAI	http://www.rtai.org
RTEMS	http://www.rtems.com

- Erwin (RTAI developer and RTEMS user :-)

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