network trouble on 68360 (ACE360/HSB)

Joe Novosel jnovosel at
Wed Aug 29 21:48:24 UTC 2001

I have recently started working with RTEMS (personal use).
I am using an ACE360/HSB board.
Here's my trouble:
I'm attempting to use the 4.5.0 release.  (Redhat 7.1 and pd bdm interface 
with gdb 5.0)
I can get everything working fine except I can't TRANSMIT ethernet packets.  
I can recieve just fine since MAC addresses are being learned (see below)

I get "carrier sense lost" and the packet is thrown away.  
I have compiled RTEMS with and without support for the Atlas HSB.

I have tried this on several boards with different memory configurations and 
power supplies (both a stand-alone and lab supply)  Also I've tried several 
different network cables and direct connect to the pc with a xover cable.  
I'm getting link indication.

I've looked at the instructions that I have for the board and everything 
SEEMS to be set up correctly.  

This is the output from "netdemo"

Destination     Gateway/Mask/Hw    Flags     Refs     Use Expire Interface
default        UGS         0        0      0 scc1      U           0        0      1 scc1                        UHL         1        0      1 scc1    00:A0:CC:D1:F5:82  UHL         0        0   1309 scc1
************ MBUF STATISTICS ************
mbufs: 512    clusters:  64    free:  48
drops:   0       waits:   0  drains:   0
      free:494           data:18          header:0           socket:0
       pcb:0           rtable:0           htable:0           atable:0
    soname:0           soopts:0           ftable:0           rights:0
    ifaddr:0          control:0          oobdata:0
************ INTERFACE STATISTICS ************
***** scc1 *****
Address:   Broadcast Address:
Flags: Up Broadcast Running Simplex
Send queue limit:50   length:0    Dropped:0
      Rx Interrupts:99             Not First:0               Not Last:0
              Giant:0                   Runt:0              Non-octet:0
            Bad CRC:0                Overrun:0              Collision:0
      Tx Interrupts:0               Deferred:0        Missed Hearbeat:0
         No Carrier:96      Retransmit Limit:0         Late Collision:0
           Underrun:0        Raw output wait:0              Coalesced:0
    Coalesce failed:0                Retries:0
************ IP Statistics ************
             total packets received           3
 datagrams delivered to upper level           3
************ ICMP Statistics ************
************ UDP Statistics ************
                total input packets           3
     of above, arrived as broadcast           3
************ TCP Statistics ************

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Joe Novosel
Test Engineer
Broadcom Corporation
Residential Broadband Unit
678-475-3216 direct
770-232-0018 operator
jnovosel at

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