gdb and bdm for RTEMS

Larry Gray larry at
Fri Aug 31 14:10:45 UTC 2001

	I'm somewhat confused about which bdm version to use with RTEMS. First I'm 
using an efi332 board, with the public domain bdm board (5 chip version). 
m68k-rtems-gdb-4.18-4.i386.rpm doesn't have bdm support, so I downloaded 
gdb-4.18.tar.gz, gdb-4.18-rtems-20000524.diff.gz, and 
	However, it appears that gdb-bdm-20010415.tar.gz is only for CPU32+ (68360 
and Coldfire), is this correct? 
	I also tried gdb-4.18-bdm-patches-pi1.tar.gz, I compiled the driver, and 
patched and compiled gdb. The driver loads, gdb starts, but when I try 
"target bdm /dev/pd_bdm0" , gdb returns:

Error: BDM device driver version conflict.
        you need at least version 2, currently installed is version 1.
        Aborting operation

	What bdm driver do I need for the 68332? Also, how do I create a gdb version 
with both bdm and RTEM's support?

	I apologize for the somewhat off topic questions, but maybe somebody can 
point me in the right direction.

Larry Gray
larry at

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