The best way to rewrite rtems task code.

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Aug 8 21:02:02 UTC 2001

Fernando RUIZ CASAS wrote:
> I have several programs in RTEMS that runs new tasks dinamically.
> I want rewrite this code for linux ETRAX100 lx EVB .
> I don't want rewrite from the scratch.
> How I can simulate in linux the rtems task_create and more?
> Posix pthreads perhaphs? Can you say me a good book about this?

A lot depends on what else of the Classic API you are using.
If you are using features that map cleanly onto POSIX, then
I would be prone to rewrite in POSIX.  If not, then you have
some redesign work.  What parts of the Classic API are you
really using?

> Better rebuilding from the scratch and writing a clasic unix server program?

Definitely not.  The worst case is using the POSIX threads interface
and running the same code in both places.  This just might require
some rewrite.

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