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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Aug 21 13:08:47 UTC 2001

Chris Caudle wrote:
> Something has to be linked to get the Cygwin tools to work correctly.
> I think that you have to make a symbolic link from cpp to gcc.  Search
> in the archives at for Cygwin, a couple of people have
> sent messages about the setup details  you have to know to get
> everything working with the latest Cygwin.

The link is from gcc.exe to cc.exe.  Here is the section from the
Getting Started manual.

> Do you know if there is a way to get RPM to automatically make the link
> so this won't keep coming up?  I don't think that should be an issue on
> Cygwin, since it isn't very likely that someone would have installed a
> different cpp.

It is technically possible to do this but ...

As far as I can tell, RPM is dead on Cygwin.  I would be happy to
hear otherwise but I have had 0 luck with it on my past couple of tries.
If we have to distribute, support, and help people debug RPM on Cygwin 
just to install RTEMS tool binaries, it isn't worth the trouble.  It 
was also a pain to get installed and working on Solaris.  The
current plan is to use a shell script to generate tar balls for 
hosts without active RPM support or alternative packaging scheme
that are supported (like FreeBSD). 

Sorry to gripe but I wasted a lot of time with RPM on Cygwin and
have nothing to show. :(
> -- Chris Caudle

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