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Mon Aug 27 14:12:11 UTC 2001

Erwin Rol wrote:
> What is the current status of the omniORB and TAO porting ?
> Is there still activly worked on (the omniORB rtems page has a last
> "new!" entry of august 2000 ) ?

I did the ACE/TAO port.  I had sponsorship to get the port compiling
and submitted.  I did not get to do any testing.  :(

I thought the port of TAO was pretty straightforward.  I wrote
VERY, if anything, that was RTEMS specific.  I mostly dealt with
ACE/TAO configuration and Makefiles.

I pulled a neat trick and set things up so the ACE/TAO Makefile 
system extracts the information it requires from the RTEMS
application Makefiles.  So if you set RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH, it
should extract everything.  If the current version (may still
be beta) of ACE/TAO does not include a README specific to
RTEMS, post to the list and I will find my notes. 

> - Erwin

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