gdb and bdm for RTEMS

John S. Gwynne jsg at
Fri Aug 31 16:52:00 UTC 2001

| 	I also tried gdb-4.18-bdm-patches-pi1.tar.gz, I compiled the driver, an
| d 
| patched and compiled gdb. The driver loads, gdb starts, but when I try 
| "target bdm /dev/pd_bdm0" , gdb returns:
| Error: BDM device driver version conflict.
|         you need at least version 2, currently installed is version 1.
|         Aborting operation

As I recall, a change in the file operation struct of the later
kernels caused this error. You can modify the module (bdm.o) to fix
this, but I would recommend that you switch to gdb-5.0 instead.

I try to keep my web page ( up to date with
this type of information, but I have not had time to do so recently.

Also, I have exchanged email with Pavel concerning flash write
capabilities for the efi332 target from within gdb-5.0. I have a
working version, but I don't believe the latest release works yet
out-of-the-box. I will put the details on my web page as time permits....

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