RTEMS ss-20011203 Available

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Tue Dec 4 00:41:44 UTC 2001


RTEMS ss-20011203 is now available from:


It includes a lot of "under the  hood" work but as of last night,
all of the BSPs that are expected to compile, did so.  

Some build highlights:
  + This snapshot is a big step toward moving all BSP specific 
    defines from custom/*.cfg down in the tree to the libbsp 
    code that actually uses them.  That required a fair amount 
    of Makefile magic from Ralf and is a prerequisite for 
    having a multilib RTEMS and separate BSP Kit.  
  + BSPs now should use their own configure.ac script for compile
    time options over custom/*.cfg.
  + ods68302 bsp hacked to get symbols at link time not build time.
  + PowerPC new versus old exception processing is now a per 
    BSP option to simplify per CPU builds.

Some non-build highlights:

  + Obsoleted Two BSPs
     + Score603e generation 1 board obsoleted
     + Papyrus BSP obsoleted
  + PPC405 support including NEW!! gen405 BSP
  + MCF5206eLITE BSP (NEW!!) includes i2c support
  + mpc8260 has double not single FPU
  + mptest tested per PR36
  + Cleaner handling of PowerPC case of varying implementation
    of the routine _ISR_Is_in_progress() per PR91.
  + If C++ constructions are run in __main(), then they 
    are now invoked when first task runs like __init().  PR84.
  + chdir() now checks permissions per PR63.
  + ERC32 TM27 macros rewritten per PR80.
  + imfs_load_tar.c has minor change to avoid tripping gcc bug on m5200
  + m68k rdbg support now compiles on ColdFire
  + rtems++ test now links when DEBUG variant per PR78
  + Per PR72 many mptests now run
  + Properly account for stack memory in sp26 per PR78.

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